LIV Store Content Guidelines

The LIV Store is a marketplace dedicated to VR content and LIV software enhancements. We want it to be a welcoming place for all those passionate about VR and creating content that others will enjoy. In order for this vision to be real, we need our sellers, buyers, game developers, and LIV to feel safe and comfortable while in the store. The LIV Store Guidelines (“Guidelines”) outline a code of conduct we require everyone to follow to help build this community.

These Guidelines form a part of our Terms of Service. By accessing or using the LIV Store in any way, you’re agreeing to abide by these Guidelines. If we believe (or reasonably suspect) that you, your use of the LIV Store, or any content you make available via the LIV Store violate these Guidelines, our Terms of Service, or our Seller Terms, as applicable, we may remove your content (including your listings) or suspend or terminate your account and your access to the LIV Store and LIV’s other services. In some cases, we may contact and cooperate with law enforcement authorities. The examples of prohibited content listed in these Guidelines are representative, but not exhaustive. We reserve the right to take action with respect to any content we deem objectionable, at any time.


We want to welcome everyone into our community in a safe manner. All listings that you post will not intentionally offend or cause harm to others. You will follow the law. Respect and don’t discriminate, including by race, gender identities, religion, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, or age.

The Details


The Guidelines cover a broad range of topics. As the LIV Store grows and adds new content types, we may update the Guidelines to reflect these changes.
Content will be approved by LIV prior to being actively listed in the LIV Store.

Content guidelines

There are an infinite number of varieties of content and designs that our imaginative creators can bring to life and as such, it’s impossible to list every single category or example of prohibited content. Below are general guidelines.
We do not permit:

  • Unauthorized copies or imitations of content protected by copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws
    Example: Spider-man, Mickey Mouse, or Mario avatar clones.
  • Adult content, including nudity or sexually explicit content
    Example: A nude avatar
  • Sexualized depictions of or content that otherwise features or promotes child sexual abuse material (CSAM).
    Example: An avatar with infantile/childish facial features or body depicted in provocative clothing or poses
  • Threats or profanity
    Example: Avatars in clothing displaying profane language or insulting gestures
  • Graphic or violent imagery
    Example: Avatars modeled after murder victims or displaying gore, blood, or bodily fluids
  • Content that promotes hate or discrimination against a group or individual
    Example: Avatars displaying or incorporating racial or religious slurs or symbols of hate
  • Content impersonating political or religious figures
    Example: Jesus or Barack Obama avatar
  • Content impersonating real people or which might infringe on another person’s rights of privacy or publicity
    Example: A Kim Kardashian avatar or an avatar resembling or mocking another LIV user
  • Content incorporating third-party assets without having obtained the required rights and licenses or including appropriate credit
    Example: An avatar which includes a Hat asset, without having obtained an appropriate license from the Hat’s creator
  • Content incorporating malicious software
    Example: Avatar files containing known viruses or malware.
  • Content that is false or misleading
    Example: Avatar files that do not match the advertised content
Banking and payment restrictions

We partner with various payment providers and banks, including Stripe. In order to use their services, we must abide by their terms and conditions. If our partners identify content on the LIV Store that goes against their terms, we will need to remedy the situation on the LIV Store.


We proactively enforce these Guidelines with a mix of community feedback, human moderation, and technology oversight.

Reporting violations

We thank you for helping keep our community safe for others. Please notify us of any violation at