What Are Coins?

LIV Coins is a loyalty program allowing you to earn and redeem items within LIV's store. The more you use LIV and the LIV store, the more coins you'll earn. It's free to join and earn!

How to join Coins?

You'll automatically join the LIV Coin program when you create an account with LIV.
Sign up here for LIV using any of our log in partners or your email.

What can you use LIV Coins for?

How to earn Coins?

You start earning LIV coins as soon as you create a LIV user account.

Account Setup

Welcome bonus points when you create a LIV account

Connect your Social accounts

Connect your YouTube, Twitch, Discord or TikTok account to your LIV account

Use LIV Avatar or Mixed Reality Capture

Earn Coins just by using LIV's capture tools. You'll earn 2 coins per hour captured, up to 100 per month.

Coming soon

More ways to earn LIV Coins


Who can join?

Anyone with a LIV account can earn LIV Coins. You can create an account here.

Do LIV Coins expire?

No, the Coins will not expire

IS there a maximum number of Coins I can have?

No, there isn't a maximum. There are maximums of the number of coins that can be earned per activity per time period.

Where can I see my balance?

You can view your LIV Coin balance on your account profile in the LIV Store

Is there a monetary value?

LIV Coins have no monetary value. They can not be sold or bought. Full details are outlined in our Terms of Service

Can I buy coins?

Coins can't be bought.

Can I have a LIV account without earning coins?

No, every LIV account will earn Coins. There's no opt-out of earning coins.

Can I see how I earned LIV Coins?

At this time there isn't a history of how your account has earned Coins.

Can I refund my LIV Store purchases made with LIV Coins?

Purchases made with LIV Coins are final, but subject to change in the future.

How long before the coins appear in my account?

Coins may take up to 48 hours to appear in your Coin balance

How do I correct missing points?

First, see if your issue has been solved on our helpdesk. If you still require assistance, please open a ticket on and our helpful support staff will reach out.

Will existing LIV users get the Welcome bonus?

Existing LIV users who have signed up prior to the launch of LIV Coins will get the bonus on their first sign in.

What happens to points earned if I disconnect my Socials from LIV?

You will retain the Coins earned. You will not earn additional Coins if you reconnect a previously connected social account.
See LIV's Terms of service for more information